Authentication technology over a mobile device

Authmobi is a unique technology and service, currently in beta, which identifies users based on their mobile device and location and allows them to interact with a customizable mobile app. This opens up new ways for companies to offer their product or service.

Digital authentication

Using devices to securely authenticate in various ways.

Proximity tracking

Detection of when someone's mobile device is within a given region.

Keyless access

  • Open doors remotely from your computer or mobile device
  • Share and manage digital keys and keep track of everyone that's in your office
  • Customizable access rights including setting time of day and expiration dates
  • Monitor access logs and usage stats

Right place, right time

  • Deliver relevant content to someone's mobile device when they're in range of a defined point of interest
  • Add and manage multiple points of interests and related content
  • View usage stats on accessed points
  • Example use cases: real estate properties, store items, museum pieces

Secure in-store payments

  • Eliminate store point of sales systems and let customers pay on their own
  • Example use cases: restaurants, stores

Signing on with a phone

  • Sign into a website without a password using a mobile phone and a QR code
  • Provide two-factor authentication for added security

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